Smoothie Bar in Manasquan & Point Pleasant, New Jersey

Lovers of health and flavor choose re Juice a Nation. Our smoothie bar, with locations in Manasquan & Point Pleasant, New Jersey, is your top option for tasty treats that are beneficial to your body.

Smoothie Bar

At our  smoothie bar, you may choose from any of the following 24 oz. smoothies:
• Power Smoothies
• Berry Smoothies
• Tropical Smoothies
• Citrus Smoothies
• Decadent Delights
• Non Dairy

• Smoothies from the Amazon
• Special Smoothies
• 100% Fruit


For Your Health

We also offer a variety of nutritional supplements and boosters, which can be added to your smoothie upon request. These boosters include:


• Energy Blend

• Fiber Blend

• Multi Vitamin Blend

• Fat Stripper Blend

• Protein Blend

• Flu Fighter Blend


Sports Nutrition Alternatives

In order to help you enhance your overall health, we provide a variety of different options. These different types include:

• Met-RX

• Low Carb Lean Body

• Myoplex

• Myoplex Lite

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Contact us in Manasquan & Point Pleasant, New Jersey, to request additional information about our smoothie bar.